Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Stove cleaning...

My stove top parts used to be horrible!! No matter how hard I scrubbed, no matter how much cleaner I used, magic erasers, steel wool... Nothing worked all the way. Then I was reading, not even sure where I read it, that they tried a trick and it worked!!
This is how they look now...AMAZING!

So....here is the way I did it..took the stove parts and put them in a ziplock bag..put some ammonia in it and swooshed it around, close it up and let everything sit overnight. Outside of course...Ammonia and all. Be sure to put them on a tray or in a bucket just in case it leaks. In the morning put your gas mask and open it and literally just wash them off. They say its the fumes from the ammonia that does the work, and I believe it... Ta da!!! Sparkling new!!
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