Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Farmer's Wife...

 We'll here she is... The Farmer's Wife...After doing 20 of them (blocks) and seeing how long each one took to make, I decided that I was putting solid blocks in between. Seriously... 1 block took me close to 3 hrs... I watched (well listened) to a whole movie, then.... ended up throwing it away!. I had 7 witnesses that can vouge for all the swearing that was going on.
 So when I laid this out to take a picture, I then saw how it needed to be framed. So... off came the borders and a thin black border went on. Tried something different, so I went all across on the bottom. Something kinda different.
I think she looks better framed. Doesn't look so washed out. I'm over it. I can say "I did one of those". I give credit to all those ladies who stuck with it and completed the whole thing. Even more credit to the ladies who did a QUEEN size one! Craziness!!!


Audrey said...

Hi Donna, Good job, girl!!!

Marie said...

It looks fantastic!! Love the black sashing -- all the cursing paid off :)