Sunday, September 12, 2010

new find...

After using Andrina's iron at the retreat... I went online to "Vermont Country Store" and bought myself one of these... It is the BEST iron ever!!! Just like Grandma use to use..My Rowenta is taking a back seat!

"After months of searching, we located a much-requested dry iron, which had been missing from the marketplace for over 20 years. Many of our customers prefer a dry iron over today's steam iron because it is better for pressing starched clothes, and the smooth sole plate does not leave impressions on plush towels or clothing. Quilters and crafter's like it too for fusing appliques. Features a cool-touch handle and temperature selection dial with fabric guide. 8 ft. long cord. UL listed.

  • Smooth sole plate
  • Great for quilting and crafts

For perfect pressing, nothing beats a dry iron—and we found it for you!"

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Von said...

People actually iron TOWELS???? Must be Martha Stewart wannabes....