Friday, September 10, 2010

Dr. Seuss...

Newest project that I will be working on hopefully this weekend. Having machine issues... long arm (pfaff), had to take it to the Dr., thread had been breaking ALOT lately, new needle, new thread, new bobbin...nothing helped. I thought it was the quilt and not ironing it flat enough... nope, started again when I loaded the last one on. So I got 1 row half way done, broke 3 times so I yanked it off and took the machine in! Could not take it any more. My viking... a while ago I tried to figure out how to use it to quilt small things and screwed up the stitch card, must have shorted it out, all I can do is straight stitch now on it. Other cards work, but not the one I use 95 % of the time. Cards go for over $100.00 bucks on ebay, only place to get them, Viking doesn't make them anymore. Ordered 2 from Bournemouth, Dorset, where ever the heck that is?? they sent me the wrong one, the other has not come yet. GRRRR. It was only $24.00 there. So Marian just might be selling me a new Bernina here pretty soon!. It's lookin' better and better every day the stupid thing doesn't come in the mail.

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