Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2 more done...

Oh I just loved my Easter break! Can't wait for summer. 41 days and counting. 8 weeks just about!
This little lovely I sewed about 2 years ago to the date and finally just quilted it last week. "Let's Pretend Quilt" is the pattern and it is from American Jane. It measures 46x57.

This next one is way out of my color league, I went Hawaiian! I think one of my sisters got married ions ago and this was there color for their dresses. Audrey, was it you?? The pattern is "Sweet and simple with a twist of lime". It is 76x88. HUGE! Have no idea what to do with it, matches nothing in my house. Maybe the grand doggies have a new blanket unless I can think of something else.
Now off to upstairs to do some sewing for a friend. I'm on a time line for the next one. Don't like that at all. Too much pressure!

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Audrey said...

Hi Donna, You've done well once again. The fabric wasn't from my wedding. I'd be surprised if it was tho. it will be 40 years this July. Hope you liked the birthday card, been holding on to it for awhile. love, A