Saturday, June 24, 2017

Another homespun...

Or two...
I started out looking at all the leftovers from quilts I had from my dads shirts, my father in laws shirts, shirts I got at stash... I decided to make 1 more quilt. I picked my block based on the size of squares I had leftover, and it was a bear paw type block.
I drew out what I wanted...decided that I would make it 6x7 (blocks). Then at last minute I put in a sashing both inside of the block and in between each block.

It was gonna be HUGE! I wanted it big in order to use up the majority of my scraps, but it was gonna be too big. So I made 2, 5x5 quilts. I think each of my kids will enjoy a quilt that has pieces of their grandad and grandpa shirts in it.
After all that... I saved all my pieces that are 2" and bigger, I have enough to make 1 last one, and it's gonna look something like this! THEN, ALL my homespun scraps will be used up!
But first I have to get 1 more room cleaned up, which is my sewing room. I decided I am going to get a cleaning lady to come once a month. I am sick of spending my 2 days off from work (weekend)cleaning the house when I can be out doing other things. But I told myself, I have to get that room in order before I make that call!

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