Sunday, November 6, 2016


We had a couple problems. 
Someone got stuck in the elevator the 2nd night.

Had some WONDERFUL firemen come to the rescue. Kelly had came to visit me and we just sat back and watched. The next night, I'm alone recovering from like 16,000 steps... ( and didn't even see it all) and the stupid fire alarm goes off, only for a minute. Then an all call says false alarm. So I go back in my room and my heart is beating normal again and it goes off again! Crap! This time the all call is saying to evacuate. Crap again! Grab my shoes, room key & purse.. take the stairs down 6 flights with everyone else in their pajamas.. lots of them grabbed their purchases from market believe it or or not. And we get outside and we see people still in the bar. huh?
Seems someone burned tortillas in their microwave on the 7th floor. Only 6th floor and up were evacuated. So while we're watching the fireman AGAIN, knowing that there was no fire, they started passing out glasses of wine to all the people. After like 30 minutes we were escorted back to our floor by one of the fireman. 
But other than that Quilt market was FABULOUS ! We were within walking distance to the convention center. 
Made a few purchases... not as much as some of the other girls... there were 5 of us.
But all in all... I would LOVE to go back.

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