Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Crazy, busy...

Kristina has been keeping me busy at work... Never a dull moment at a elementary school... I come home and I am just exhausted.
This week, my gramma skills have to go to work.
My son Steven, Ronna, and John John have come to visit... I am such a lucky gramma!

Just look at this baby boy!

We are busy visiting family... Playing...and I am loving every minute.
Here we are with Aunt Audrey...

Then with Aunt Margie...

Then with me, gramma... This is a horrible picture. I just came home from work and it's crazy windy outside..

I am off tomorrow, and I have to babysit... Darn! :)

1 comment:

paulette said...

Adorable! He is cute as a button!!