Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ocean Fishing...

It was a wonderful day. Spent it with good friends, wonderful weather, (if I was dressed for it). On the ocean...

Saturday it was almost 90 degrees in Newport Beach, so on Sunday I dressed for 90. Not the case... Sun never popped out till almost 10:00. The further we went out the worse the fog got and colder... OH MY GOODNESS!
Fishing... Well... Let me just say... NEVER do the "groupon" special on the Internet. You are herded on like cattle, elbow to elbow and when the Captain says, "drop it", go, Go, GO! All 100 lines go in the water and everyone is trying to catch that 1 fish, and when someone does... 10 other lines get tangled in along with that one. Sheesh. I did it about 3 times and I was over it. I brought my line in, went upstairs, found my spot in the sun and watched everyone else do the madness. Yes, I people watched.
It was a good time to sit and think and be thankful for everything I had!
Next time.... I will pay the extra money and charter a boat with only 8-10 people and have a more wonderful time than ever expected!
We did though, bring some fish home. Maybe enough to make fish tacos.
Some of those ocean fish.... Are AMAZINGLY beautiful.

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