Sunday, July 20, 2014


Remember Temecula Quilt store, she was having a sew along and I made 100 little spools.. Well she showed the final layout, and guess what? I did NOT like it at all. It had a 11 1/2" middle with sewing appliqué's. Not what I expected at all.

So I just took the 100 spools, itty bitty spools, along with the 100 plain squares and made up my own little quilt. I can use it as a table topper. I didn't even use all them up, I still have a handful left. It's perfect for that. And, there is 1 itty bitty little 1/2" triangle I sewed on backwards.. Oops! Can you spot it? I'm going to go color it in and guess what? You will never notice it! I'll be darned if I'm gonna go back and fix it! Hahaha. No way.

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paulette said...

TOO funny!! I would have never thought of colouring it in!! And you are right...I couldn't spot it!! Brilliant!