Saturday, August 24, 2013

Field trip!

Marie, Andrina & I made our way down to La Mesa today.
Country Loft was have an outdoor quilt and sale with all the proceeds going to breast cancer.. " the cure".. These quilts below are the ones on display in the back of the shop.. I forgot to take pictures of the ones or front that were for sale..

It was a fun filled day!!
Then... Marie and I went to a friends house, and it was totally awesome.. Just like another quilt show. Anita... You are an amazing woman!
Here's just a couple of pictures in her house..

She made each and every one of these... and a lot of them are actually hand sewn and quilted! So much fun!!

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momtofatdogs said...

Nice! I have not been to a quilt show this whole year. Not even Paducah. (spend too much $$$ when I am there...) Hey - email me please. I want to make sure I have your correct address so I can mail that E/B book to you.