Sunday, September 23, 2012

She's all ready...

Ready to be quilted that's so big, it's kinda hard to take a picture of the whole's a picture of the quilt without the borders...even the husband couldn't hold it up without standing on a ladder..

Then here is a picture of the corners..

My husband told me. I should get it custom quilted and enter it in a show... I have one favorite lady who I just LOVE her work and got a quote from her... Her reply..." I charge $35.00 an hour and a quilt this size would take her 25-40 hours... EEEK! I can totally see how and why she would charge so much, her work is totally awesome and worth every penny... But silly me... Never in a million years would I spend $1,000 on a quilt to get it quilted..nope!
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HRH Gigi said...

Donna, you should do it yourself! You can do it!!

Ellen in Oregon said...

The quilt is wonderful and is show worthy. The cost that woman quoted you is crazy. An all over design would not run over $125 & even with custom quilting it should not exceed $250. Check with some of the LAQ's recommended on quilt blogs you like and online to see how rediculous her quote was. Even custom hand quilting would not take those hours or cost that much. That quilt deserves to be quilted just the way you want it to.