Wednesday, June 20, 2012

busy beaver...

Well... where to begin...Since my little whirlwind of a somewhat vacation.. I have been going like crazy. My last post was all about my Father-in-law who amazingly turned 100! Unfortunatley, he has passed away since we returned. Couldn't kick the pnemonia this time around.. That happened yesterday, June 19th. Mark is flying back for a week on Monday with his sister, day after my nephew (her son) gets married.

Here are my kidlets Kelly, Steven and Ronna on his property.
Then I came home and I did block # 6 of Christmas quilt..
 Then I took on blocks # 1 & 2 of BOW...(block of the week)

 Then I did a couple little sampler blocks...
I even did another block on my Pumkin Quilt... which I forgot to take a picture of..
 and put the binding on this quilt for a friend...
So... I also finished up with my work, work went until the 18th. Well, not really finished up... 3 of the days I had left after the kids were out,  I had to work at the other school. So that left me 2 days after that to do my stuff and I surely wasnt gonna start inventory that I knew I wouldnt be able to finish. I did as much as I could and then said screw it.. I called in sick and started my summer vacation!

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