Tuesday, January 17, 2012

seam ripper...

Have you ever seen one of these before?? It is the most beautiful thing! No one will ever get my seam ripper confused with theirs anymore... I have a one of a kind seam ripper.... but I will most likely have to keep a close on eye it so it doesn't disappear... :)
My wonderful sister in Massachusettes sent it me. It is carved from a block of dyed birch laminate, which is hard and durble, and very exotic looking. So the paper says... when the blade goes dull, they will replace it for a small fee of $3.50. Never heard of that before, but I LOVE it!
Thank you, Thank you , Thank you!!

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pizzaeater said...

I love the seam ripper and I love all kinds of tools. I want one. My sister has that type of dyed wood for salt and pepper shakers and coffee container.