Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Stef and Jeff...

This is Stefanie and and my nephew Jeff... This is the beautiful couple that had an engagement party 2 weeks ago that I totally forgot to take pictures of. Silly me! Watch for wedding pictures in August.. I promise, I wont forget to take pictures then... Congrat's you guys!!


 The new Thimble-berries Christmas book had this pattern in it and I new I just HAD to make it! There is probably another pattern or 2 that I can make in the book too.. I guess I had better, for the price I paid for the darn book! I could have ordered it online, but I gave a friend the business with her new shop. Turned out super cute! Just have to go and wash it now and it will be ready to use like the day after Thanksgiving...
Look at the quilting pattern... matches perfect to the borders which is also on the back. Love it!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

a big, BIG, TA-DA!!!!!

 Well, she's finally finished! Ramblin' Rose meets.. ? , it's been so long I forgot the name. I gave and mailed  the pattern away to a fellow blogger who saw it and asked for it. Haven't heard from her, hope she got it ok.  I believe it's Ramblin' Rose meets Jamestown. Pictures have a little shadow on them from the trees.
 She's a doozy! Queen size! I had to pay to have her quilted because she is so big, she wouldn't fit on my machine. After paying what I did, I am truly thankful for Marian for letting me store her machine in my upstairs room and use it as needed!! Thank you!!
She has taken many, many months to sew and many, more months to get quilted and about a week to put the binding on! Well. not quite a week.. but I had to take breaks in between because my darn fingers kept going numb and fingers falling asleep!

Saturday, October 22, 2011


This is just one of many things that I have been working on lately. I finally quilted and put the binding on this one, and also the baby one I made from the leftovers of this.
Caught up on all my wool blocks...sewed the binding on Ramblin' Rose, working on sewing it down now. Finally pieced and put together my raw edge friendship group blanket, this one I still have to find the right shade of green for the binding. 
And many more little things that piled up while I was gone on vacation..
3 weeks till we go to the cabin, 4 weeks till Kelly comes for Thanksgiving week and and then comes Christmas vacation! YAHOO!!  Can you tell What I'm looking forward to?? vacations and NO WORK!!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Konrad's Baptism..

 Busy weekend in Orange County....My sister Jackie and her husband Lenny came for a visit from MA this last week to visit with family  and celebrate some exciting family occasions. Her youngest son Jeff, and his new fiance, Stefanie, had an engagement party Saturday night, which I didn't get any pictures of silly me! Then on Sunday her oldest son Erik and his wife Anita, celebrated the Baptism of their son Konrad. Which I did remember to snap some pictures!
The above picture is of Chris, (Erik's dad), Erik holding Konrad and then my sister Jackie.

 Jackie, Lenny and Konrad... Proud Grandma and Grandpa!

 3 generations of the Anderson Family!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Temecula quilt show...

Outdoor quilt shows are the best! This is just a small portion of all the quilts that were on display. A good time was had by all, even if it was almost 100 degrees!!!