Sunday, October 23, 2011

a big, BIG, TA-DA!!!!!

 Well, she's finally finished! Ramblin' Rose meets.. ? , it's been so long I forgot the name. I gave and mailed  the pattern away to a fellow blogger who saw it and asked for it. Haven't heard from her, hope she got it ok.  I believe it's Ramblin' Rose meets Jamestown. Pictures have a little shadow on them from the trees.
 She's a doozy! Queen size! I had to pay to have her quilted because she is so big, she wouldn't fit on my machine. After paying what I did, I am truly thankful for Marian for letting me store her machine in my upstairs room and use it as needed!! Thank you!!
She has taken many, many months to sew and many, more months to get quilted and about a week to put the binding on! Well. not quite a week.. but I had to take breaks in between because my darn fingers kept going numb and fingers falling asleep!

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Audrey said...

good job Donna!!! great pictures of the baptism. glad you got to go to both. had a good time with Gayle and seeing our former neighbors. good weather, too!

Your trip looked great!