Monday, November 21, 2011


Have you ever heard of this? I did a couple of years ago, tried it and thought it was WAYY to much work. Well my friend Ann joined last month and won 2, $25.00 gift cert's, so I thought maybe I would give it another try. Signed up started looking and ya know, it was way easier than I remembered. Most websites that participate give you clues and tips to where you find the bunny, then just click and register and your on your way to the next one.
The concept behind the virtual shop hop is exactly the same as taking a fabric shopping trip by car. On your "virtual" shop hop, however, you'll leave the car in the garage and can even shop in your jammies!You will have 30 days to get around to over 100 of the sites.Tons of prizes too! I shopped all 186 stores and then signed Mark up too! Yesterday when it was pouring rain we hit all the shops again. So maybe between the 2 of us, we'll win something.
P.S. Made plenty of wish lists along the way and I did find something to buy also!

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