Thursday, May 19, 2011


Aren't these cookies the cutest?!  It is Teacher Appreciation Week at our school this week and our PTA is spoiling us! Monday and Wednesday we had a full on breakfast! Tuesday we had Massage Envy at our site to give massages to anyone who wanted! Today we had a full on luncheon with soups, salads, fruit bar, yummy cupcakes and of course ice cream! Tomorrow it is dessert day! YUM!! Plus they deliver some kind of surprise  to everyone almost every day!

Now back to reality! It is that time of year. Even though we have only like 17 days of school left, I can never truelly enjoy the excitement of the end of the year because this is what I see every day when I go to work! Let me tell you.. normally my library is spotless! Every day when I leave there is not one single book out of place or not one chair that isn't pushed in in the library or the lab. I have a computer lab with 30 computers and thanks to Desiree who comes in at the end of every day and wipes EVERYTHING down for me, you could eat off of anything in there. Boxes are everywhere! These are all textbooks for each and every teacher for next year. I have unloaded 4 pallets already and 2 more are expected to arrive any day. Who needs to waste their money at the gym when you can just come help me! At 30+ pounds a box, you work up quite a workout at the end of the day. They are totally organized, I can tell you exactly where and how many I have of each subject and each book. Just waiting till the last week of school so I can pass them out to the classes. Yahoo! Then I can say it's the end of the year!

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