Friday, February 18, 2011

wool questions...

 This is my first time at ever trying a wool project. I bought this little table topper kit at Road to California with no threads..Stupid me! So, I went down to Temecula yesterday and talked wit the the wool lady and got all my threads to work on it. I still have the trees the trunk... do I stitch ALL the way around, even at the very top? Or do I just do the outside part and stop when I get to the branches. How about Santas sack? Do I go ALL the way around on top of like his hat and suit, or do I stop when the outside edge ends? Am I even asking the right way on what I even mean?  Stupid, I know.. but when you have never done it before and there is no one to ask... it goes on my blog!

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momtofatdogs said...

Can't help you D, I have never worked on felt before. Not like that. It's SO cute though! Probably just like regular (woven) applique......maybe?