Monday, June 21, 2010


Anyone out there ever have to deal with vertigo? I have been crazy sick the last 4 days and they ( the doctor's, yes, 2 doctors!) say that's what I am dealing with. How much longer do I have to take this? Med's are really not helping, I guess they are... the world is not spinning out of control. just spinning! I have important plans for Weds that I don't want to miss! Already missed a wedding on Saturday and a dentist appt. today. UGGGGG!


Kirsten said...

Ouch vertigo! Not fun! The worst part is it can last a long time if you don't take it slow and just let your body rest. Once when I had it it lasted for a couple of months while a couple of other times it didn't last that long. I'm not saying this to scare you and of course every case is different - but it's important not to push your body through stress.

Audrey said...

Hi Donna,
Sometimes it's an inner ear imbalance. Have you had a cold or sinus infection lately?
I would get anxiety/ lightheadedness just around my periods and get a little dizzy and off kilter and found if I took even one sudafed it would help.

Give me a call later. love, Aud

Suze said...

vertigo is so annoying! you may be able to do the 'Epley maneuver' and stop the's the site I used to figure out how to do it at home:
hopefully this helps..I've had to do it several times..good luck

Satia said...

It's good that you are seeing doctors about this. Hopefully one is a ENT. Dr Wazen, author of Dizzy, highly recommends that you (the patient) keep a health journal. Describe your vertigo clearly. Is the room spinning? Tilting? Rolling? Does it happen more when you move your head to the left? Right? Up? Down? Do you experience while sitting? Lying? Standing?

All of these details matter and can help your health care team to get to the cause of your vertigo.

Most conditions can be dealt with easily. As already mentioned, the Epley maneuver is one means of resolving vertigo issues. Other cures include medicine and dietary changes. (I would encourage you to consider complementary treatments if you find meclazine or other medications help because nobody wants to depend on drugs to feel normal.)

The book is a must read. It will help you see what tests will likely be done and why as well as making recommendations that include yoga, qigong and tai chi, accupuncture, etc.

I've lived with vertigo for over three years because my condition is incurable. However, I've recently learned of something new available in Canada but not yet approved in the US (FDA hasn't given it the green light yet) which has been shown to work with vestibular vertigo.

Education is crucial and the more you know the more empowered you will be.

Hopefully you are not experiencing nystagmus. Otherwise reading all of this comment I've made will probably make you feel worse.