Friday, February 5, 2010

quilts for kids

This week in the mail, I got my Downey quilt kit. I ordered it on a Monday night and by the end of the week, it was here. The program is called the Downey Touch of Comfort. Quilts for Kids comforts children in need, so this is a perfect partnership. So when they are in the hospital getting treatment, they are given a quilt and the kids are loving it! You can sign up at, just click on the volunteer button and fill out the form. They send you everthing you need to make the quilt and even a label. They just ask that you make an additional quilt using your own stash of fabrics before sending it back.


deborah said...

I received my kit from Downey, too! It arrived less than a week after I asked for one. Hoping to go pick out fabric for another quilt tomorrow.
Have fun making your quilt - I can't wait to start on mine!

Mia's Cottage said...

Finished the top within 1 hour! Very easy, it comes almost all pre-cut.