Saturday, October 24, 2009

Today is, well...busy. Mark and Steven are in Oceanside helping a friend on his house. I am on my 3rd load of laundry, 2 more to go. Dishwashers going, working on my quilt from last night at Quilters Cottage. (Not the one shown). Changed the sheets, flipped the mattress (haven't done that in a while) I still have to get outside and do my yard work. (next door's also!) It's a rental and I keep it up for the owner. And then I decided to post on my blog. Whew! Finished the quilt up in the picture about a week ago. Got the idea from a little, little picture I saw in a magazine. Found the block directions and made my own quilt up. LOVE IT! It looks so old fashioned. The blue green material is from American Jane. Bought some, not enough, the Cottage ran out and it took me like 4 months to find more to finish the quilt.

Off to do yards now!

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