Sunday, August 15, 2021


First off… I had to delete the last post. Spammer had commented and I couldn’t delete it. They are getting tricky. I could see the comment on my blog, but when I went to edit it… it doesn’t show. I’m so fed up with that… it happens a lot and I just usually delete them. Anyone have this happen?
Went to a retreat recently and came home with this beauty.

From 1964… no more info other than at that time, records were incomplete. 
Named her Evelyn… after the sweet lady I bought her from. 
I’m gonna keep an eye on comments and see if it happens again

Monday, April 26, 2021


Here she is.... the before and after

Now I gotta start working on the trim paint.... ooouuuiiiiii.......

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Saturday happenings...

Woke up at 5:30 to set up for a neighborhood garage sale we were participating in. Did pretty well, what all didn’t sell, we hauled off to the re-store and Goodwill. 
Then Kelly and I started painting the garage door.
I think I got them all in order...

Base coat, 2 times...

First gel stain... highlighting...

Filled in squares

Second gel stain.... blending...

Finished up, ran outa daylight....

Here’s the day view...

I have a few things to touch up on, but overall it’s looks pretty darn good. 
I have to put 2 coats of sealer on today also and take the painters tape off. 
Now I gotta start painting the trim!

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Little craziness!

It’s been a little crazy here in our house last couple months.
I’ve switched gears for a couple months and am tackling charity quilts. I’m in a sewing bee thru the guild and Sandy and I have been quite busy. There is like 10 of us and 3 are pure crazy busy, not sure what the others are doing 
We (Sandy & I), besides sewing our brains out we gather and deliver. There are 6-7 constant places we visit and within last 2 months we have delivered 5 lap quilts or Woodland Spring Nursing Home and 7 walker caddies, 4 youth quilts to Family Abuse Center, 4 youth quilts and 10 new stuffed animals to Firehouse #1, 3 baby quilts, 17 receiving blankets, 15 burp cloth sets to Care Net, 6 LARGE quilts to Compassion Ministries, and a delivery to CareNet again of like 17 ziplock bags goodie bags filled with baby wipes and  ointment and other baby clothes items.

Then our guild put on a challenge to see what and who would come up with an idea to help CPS. Child Protective Services. Welllll... Sandy and I again... are knocking it of the park. We are making small zippered bags, about 6x10, on the embroidery machine. Perfect for personal items when the kids get pulled from their house. I went to my dentist to see if he would donate toothpaste, toothbrush and floss.  Ya! For the win. That worked out sooo well, we hit a couple other dentists in the tea and they all said YES! We now have made the 200th bag and still have a month to finish. We are pretty much done as I have house projects to tackle now. There is no way we can make enough bags to fill donations we received so we’ll hand them all the extras when we turn them in  I’ll show you pictures later on those bags.
Mark’s sister is coming middle of May to visit, so that got Mark in gear to tackle the bathroom. Ooouuiiiii. It’s a good thing tho, but a lot of work.
Demo day..

Whirlpool Jacuzzi is out and Sold.

One vanity is out getting a new look, today we put it back and take the other out. 3 Mirrors are down and sold also. That wallpaper ... eek!

Cabinet is gone. Listing sinks and vanity today, picking out counter tops and picking up partial order at Home Depot also.
Then I’m quilting for customers... quilting for myself...

This is mine...just a LITTLE huge! 94x108

 making rice bags/other items for a little vendor show coming up
Sooo. That’s just a snippet of what I’ve been up to!

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Olive trees.....

Have you ever priced fake olive trees.... go ahead and do it and you will get a good laugh.
They are ridiculously expensive. Why? I do not know. 
I saw on Instagram, these ladies making their own. So... when we were doing yard work and these branches started staring at me, I said why not?\

I ordered my branches online, but after they got here I discovered Walmart had some and even Joann’s. Those 2 places were cheaper than what I paid online.  I ordered short and long ones. Don’t waste your money on long ones, you just cut them down anyways. 

Set the sticks in pots with leftover concrete and then I drilled holes in branches,  set the branches and made my design as I went a long and fluffed.  Don’t forget to fluff.  I did set them with a hot glue gun when I was happy. 
I took some indoor pictures and outdoor. Right now I have one in and one out, but I believe they are both gonna live indoors.  

Tuesday, February 2, 2021


Finished my BOM from Laundry Basket.. “Super Bloom”. It was a 12 month program. 

I machine appliqu├ęd everything on. Picture was taken at night so lighting is not that great. 

Glad to have this one done.  It’s beautiful but it was a beast!
One of the guilds I am in, has a what they call a ‘brown bag’ every month. Basically, whoever signs up, picks a block that they want everyone to do. When it’s your month, you make a copy of directions  for each person that signed up. You can include background fabric or main fabric or nothing at all. I wanted all my blocks to have same background so I included it in with the directions. 

Love the backing... love the quilting... even all the variety of fabrics from each person turned out cute. 

I have always wanted to do a chicken quilt. Have no idea why, but thought it would be a cute quilt. 

I can now say I have done it. It’s super cute, but what the he** am I gonna do with a damn chicken quilt! So...... my co worker from CA that just moved to Texas... that wrote a book on chickens... that LOVES chickens..... she gets it! Making a label today is on the agenda.... in between QOV this am and quilt guild meeting tonight. 
Merry Christmas in February Bonnie!

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Cow corner...

How many of you have a ‘cow corner’ where you live?

This is on the corner I turn on to get to my way to my nephews house.

I have to pull over and say hello whenever they are out. They just stand there  and listen. 

Kelly wants to make a little sign that sits over this one, “Cow Corner” @ Oak Grove Farm

In between the 2 houses... we have “Cactus Alley” (endless acres of cactus)... ‘donkey pond’ (4 donkeys that graze around a tank all day)... and “cow corner”(hundreds of cows)
I am so loving living here in the country!

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Hobby Lobby...

Have you seen this... so sad 

Bummer. Big time. 

Monday, January 25, 2021

Picture test...

It works! Yahoo!
Gonna see if this blog works for pictures..
Little re vamp of the front bathroom...

When we moved in , I made it livable until I could do more. 

I had the time now, so I went for it. If it blog pictures works, I’ll come back and update with details.
Ok!..... new paint all around... Sherwin Williams “Allibaster”... got rid of the southwestern green/blue. fixtures were rotted out and in order to update and replace we had to take wall surround down to get to plumbing. So we replaced the surround, it was all yellowed anyways and needed to be replaced. Tub is in good shape, we kept that. New Pfister fixtures... I gave Mark a picture of board and batten I wanted and he came through. I painted it with Heirloom Traditions paint (which I LOVE) for this project. I wanted the wall a light gray and cabinet darker.  Light was too light so I made a mixture, didn’t make enough first time around and it came out darker 2nd time.  So wall is darker than I wanted because I kept ‘fixing’ it. New shower curtain from Target, some hooks for new towels. I painted the shower curtain pole to match. Made a little board to put across and stained it.  presto.... it’s done!