Friday, September 25, 2015

Block #6

Here she is....
I'm working on a whole other quilt as I'm doing this one. Can't wait to share, I just got back from Primitive Gatherings because I didn't have fabric that matched just perfect. Hoping to have a quiet weekend just sewing. I may venture out and try to go to Soka Univ quilt show though, but we'll see.

Thursday, September 17, 2015


I took Monday & Tuesday off to hang with this little man.
He is just so stinking cute! Mark took weds, Thurs, Friday. We are having a blast.
I love being a gramma!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Did you know....

"Fiskars" is a great company! 
I bought a 3 1/2" ruler not to long ago, maybe used it 6-7 times and the #'s I noticed were coming off where ever my fingers had touched it. Oh joy, I thought.. What a waste of $$. I wasn't too upset, I still had my ol' faithful 6" to do the job. 

So, I got  to thinking... Does the company even know that this is an issue?! So I went online and emailed them, just as an FYI, told them the problem.
Guess what I got in the mail? 
A new ruler! I was so NOT expecting it...
Then right on the label, was...

A lifetime warranty , no wonder they sent it! I guess when I unwrapped mine, I missed those words.
So, I got myself a new ruler! Yay! Thank you Fiskars!

Quilt displays...

Here are just a couple of pictures I snapped at the show..
This is hand embroidered & then colored in.. Always been a fav...
I was lucky enough to meet the creator of this wonderful quilt. Turns out Darla, works at my favorite quilt store Primitive Gatherings and this quilt was quilted by my good friend and most talented, Neta!
I'm going to make this someday... I did the fall version, now I must do Christmas. Pattern is about 7 yrs old, but I still love it.
Red Door love. I was impressed with this one, I didn't see the one below which was on my list to buy. Darn it!

Can't wait for Palm Springs show!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Block #5

Another one done...
Needs a good ironing tho...

San Diego quilt show...

Last Saturday Marie, Ann & I took the train down to San Diego convention center. We left out of Oceanside and 1 hr later we were there. No traffic, no worries.. Laughed and told stories the whole way. We decided that we are going to use this way of transportation more often. We are going to make day trips to go to lunch. Seaport Vilłage, Encinitas... Any place. The train made like 8 stops along the way and each stop looked wonderful.
Anyways... The quilt show was wonderful. Quilts were great, vendors were awesome..
I saw the quilt I did awhile ago and decided I want to make another.
Here is mine, done in reds...

But I am in love with it done in tans, black.
So, back on the wish list it goes. As soon as I finish Winter Wonderland, I'm going to do it. I'll have it for next Christmas for sure. 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Saturday outing....

Dragged the hubby down to Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens yesterday. Fed the goats, wandered the gardens...

I didn't take very many pictures... I was in awe of the entire surrounding. I've been there before and I just love it. Came home with a couple of treasures... My hummingbirds got a new feeder..

 a plant and some fresh flowers, sunflowers. We were the 1st ones through the gate. About 15 mins later I was amazed at all the people there... Come to find out, they had a 40% sale on the patio. I got some deals, but then I wonder what all I missed because there was a line already checking out before I discovered the sale. Darn!

Then we took the scenic route home... De Luz Rd.... Holy Moly... When I hear there's a fire in De Luz... I now, truly, know what is burning! I never knew all those hills were back there. 
Went to Primitive Gatherings, I always treat Mark to lunch after dragging hm around on my wild adventures...lunch, and then home to play in the dirt.
It was a fun day.