Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Thankful for another beautiful day!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Project boards....

I made up 8 project boards on Monday (along with a gazillion other projects)
Here's how...
Went down to Michaels, bought some foam boards..actually I got precut ones, same price and I didn't have to cut anything. Sprayed 1 side with adhesive glue, took some scraps of my batting I had, put it down, flipped sticky side of board on top. Cut extra batting off.
Cut -2, 21/2" strips of fabric, pieced together, ironed in half, opened it, ironed ea side into middle. Hot glued them onto edge of foam board. I glued edge, then went back and did front, and back. Be careful!!! Hot glue gun WILL melt the skin right off your arm if you are stupid enough to get it in the way.. 😬

TA DA!!! Project boards for you to lay your squares out and work/play with any fabric just the way you want. And you can stack them on top of ea other and move them anywhere you want.

My next set is going to be like 12"square so they will fit into my travel bins!, good idea!? Ya!!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Pam Buda class....

Today, Sunday I drove down to LaMesa and took a class from Pam Buda, Heartspun Quilts. It was so fun!

We got a free pincushion pattern... That was just one of her gifts... Sorry about it being blurry.

Here she is...she was great!

Double whammy!!! I got to sit next to the famous....CHERI PAYNE!!
I didn't want her to see me taking her picture... She might think I was stalking her or something... I was in awwww.

This is what we were working on. Except for Cheri... She was creating her own magic using part of the pattern and homespuns.

Then of course I got to go shopping!!! Country Loft!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

It was a blast.... Met lots of new friends...Hope to do it again next year!

Friday, January 9, 2015


I finally quilted 5 of my smaller projects and 1 of the bigger quilts. That's in addition to doing 3 wool sample projects for the new Primitive Gatherings shop that's opening in Murrieta shortly. Just in time... Work starts back in Monday.😞
I saw this little, handy dandy, useful, good to know hint on a fellow bloggers blog.

Wind your binding on a bigger spool, place it on the machine and whoa-la!
No more throwing it over your shoulder, or getting tangled within your feet, mine even would get tangled in the wheels of my chair.
No more... It's perfect..
I even wind my ribbon on spools now. Everything is neat and pretty now.
The search is on for wooden spools now!

Monday, January 5, 2015


Do you remember a couple years ago when mark's dad passed away, he brought home 2 boxes of shirts and asked if I could make home like, 5 quilts!! Really! 5?.. One for each sibling and then some.. So I washed, which they needed. Oh my goodness!!!! Some got a washing 2x's.. And cut up... Took me for-ev-er! They are worse than jackets... All those seams, stains, pockets, buttons... Yuck!
Anyways... I made 3... I was done... I was over it..

Thank gosh I ran out of background fabric..I put all the leftover squares back in the box and never thought of it again.. Oh yes... Every time I moved that box, the guilt... Eesh!
So I saw a pattern online, from Geoffsmom pattern co. And ran with it.
I pulled ALL the pre made squares that were left over, out... Spread them out.. Way too big..I chopped them into a 4"sq rather than 8-9, whatever they were.

Started on outside row, which I know know was wrong now, the hard way, which sometimes I always do...and created my own pattern..

So there it is, the 4th quilt, last quilt, I say that now.. Because look at STILL what is left..

I am going to put them in a bag now, hide them so good I will never see them again..
Because, really... It's crazy...
Now... I better get quilting... Yuck, again!

Sunday, January 4, 2015


Well, I finished my first quilt, well, not totally... It's not quilted. So, I can say I finished my first quilt top for the new year.

Winter Wonderland... Made with homespuns for the background and wool on everything else. I have the backing, now it moves upstairs to the dreaded pile with all the others that need to be quilted. I really have to get my butt in gear and work in those. It sure is a lot more fun to "make them" then "quilt" them.
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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Year end snow...

While watching the news and the weather forecaster said there was a chance of snow where we live, we kinda all got excited...
The last time it snowed here was November 2004. I even tried to stay awake...projected time was about 10:00pm, but midnight came and still nothing so I figured I was safe to dose off..
I woke up and still heard what I thought was rain, so I packed it all up and went up stairs. Thought I would check out back one last time and this is what I saw.

Holy crap! It really did snow!! I was so excited I ran out front to make sure.
There were people already in the park yelling and screaming and kids making snowmans..

Yep! Went back to the backyard..

Still snowing!... Freezing my butt off now, cause I'm just in my sweats...I ran inside to watch..did that for over 3 hours and it never stopped. I went to bed. Got up with Mark about 5:30.. And watched some more and was in total aww to watch the sun come up and the awesome scenery that was all around me.
Gorgeous!! Just GORGEOUS!!!

Stayed pretty cold all day long. I still have mounds of snow in my back yard today and my little snowman I made still is in perfect form.

I am thankful I had no where to go and I could just sit, admire and take the whole thing in. Mark, on the other hand..had to take a whole new way into work because they shut the freeway down. So icy, cars were sliding all over the roads. See here, we see snow once every ten years it seems and we don't have the machinery here to help us out. By afternoon, we were all back to normal... Snow was everywhere, but roads were fine.