Tuesday, November 30, 2010

another one, DONE!!!

Sunflower quilt made with homespuns is FINALLY done! Started this at the retreat a couple of weeks ago and finally finished it.

Monday, November 29, 2010

baby quilt done...

This is Maleiah... she belongs to my nephew, so what is she really?? my step niece??

So Michelle, if you are reading my blog.... you got your wish... you asked me to make you an Eric Carle blankie... and I did... I had not been able to find any fabric after you saw my last one, but they came out with this. It is called the "Very Series". It has 5 stories in one. The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Very busy Spider, The Very Quiet Cricket, The Very Lonely Firefly, and the Very Clumsy Click Beetle. Congrat's Chris and Michelle!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

busy weekend...

Mark did the outside lights.. can't see the other side of the house or the back, but we are all lit up! Looks much better in real life.
Inside is getting all prettied up too! This is kinda blurry, but I still have to find a couple of more boxes and finish decorating.
This is the red work quilt that I finally quilted and put the binding on this weekend. I think I actually finished piecing it MONTHS ago.
Lolli thinks every time I lay a quilt on the floor it's for her to lay on. She loves her blankies! She actually has a couple that are hers here at my house. Mia has some too!
I have another sunflower quilt that I finished quilting on the Bernina, but I have to put the binding on it on Monday after I make ANOTHER trip to the quilt store. There is always something I forget to buy when I go!

Friday, November 26, 2010

a winner....

I entered sewcalgals quilt contest again this year and actually won something! My first time ever winning something on a blog! Woo-hoo! Thanks Darlene!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Joann's has Ott lights for 29.99......... Door buster sales are great!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

uh oh....

This is NOT how your fridge is supose look the day before Thanksgiving. I have had some bad luck lately when it has come to service people.
Weeks ago, I had told my hubby, the milk is not very cold. Taste fine to me, you're imagining it. OK, whatever. Last Tuesday he tells me to call the service man. Hmmm, I guess I was right! If he would have listened to me then, I would not have an empty fridge the day before Thanksgiving! Every day it kept getting warmer and warmer. Things were starting to go bad, and the when it hit 62 degrees, I had to toss everything! I was stood up by the Maytag man 2x's, Saturday and Monday! He finally shows today, and guess what... they have to order parts! Gee-whiz... I saw that coming a mile away!
I guess there is a part that tells the freezer to automatically defrost and that went bad. So I had to empty the freezer and defrost it. Everything was emptied out into coolers and put in the back yard, where it is freezing right now.
We have a itty-bitty drink fridge in the back yard also and that is where Tom the Turkey sits. I have to go shopping late Weds night and hopefully after we kinda- sorta fixed the fridge temporarily, I can keep stuff in it for at least 24 hrs.

Monday, November 22, 2010

again.. you say!

I tell you... I am on a roll! Did the turkey square above, but do not click on it, you can see his beaty little eyes that have to be fixed! This is an Eleanor Burns pattern called "Autumn Leaves". you can make a table runner by turning this turkey into a leaf. I am not sure what I am going to do with him yet. I just made 1, when you follow the directions you actually get 2, but I didn't want 2, I just wanted 1. It's alot of work, I am glad I didn't. She has you make flying geese a way that I have never made them before. Kinda weird!
Then I did my block 5 & 6 of the Block of the month from Fatquartershop.com . Just realized that this won't be done in time for Christmas, wish I would have calculated the months out before I signed up for it. It will be done in the middle of next year!

$65.00 giveaway!

Giveaway... Everyone LOVES a giveaway!! Go visit Kim over at her blog, she is giving away $65.00 gift certificate to CSN stores.com. There are like 3 different ways you can enter... have fun!! Tis' the season!

"Back to School"...

This was my latest project! Boy was it a doozie!!! I took a day trip one day and went to the Temecula Quilt Co. She had this quilt hanging up and I absolutely fell in love with it. I then found out it was pictured on the front cover of Quilt Sampler, Fall/Winter 2009. Since it was older, there were no kits available. I LOVE to buy kits! I like the fact of NO leftovers and having no extra's of fabrics I didn't use. For my stash, I only have 1 drawer full and 1-2 boxes of little pieces like fat quarter size. ANYWAYS.... back to the story... I had to order on the fabrics on line. YUK! They were all Bonnie Blues, which I know I was safe without seeing first. So they all came in took it to the cabin, and worked, and worked, and WORKED on it.There are a million little pieces, especially in the tiny little hoses and the baskets. oh boy... It was killing me! She's finished now, and now onto the 5 other projects that I am behind because of this one taking sooo long.

P.S. I have a TON of fabrics left over! I have to figure something else to do with them now, so make that 6 projects I have to catch up on.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christmas Quilt Show...

sewcalgal is having a Christmas quilt contest. And I am entering this beautiful one posted here!
It is called "Let it Snow". All the blocks are hand stitched and then sewn together. It is my first attempt at embroidery and I think it turned out pretty good. I am soo happy. Kinda bummed that the true colors don't show through. I think Santa is bringing me a new camera for Christmas.
So pop on over to Sewcalgal and check out all the entries. There are over 100 entered so far. If you want to enter one, you have till tomorrow to do so.
I am also entering this quilt in Paula's Sewing Challenge. This is another great blog that was just brought to my attention! It is so awesome! Thanks Paula!!

more projects...

These are more projects that were worked on during our retreat last weekend. Above Ann was working on a table runner. Below Marie has 1 square of many that were being put together for a quilt. A beautiful quilt I may add!
Andrina made the one below, it is actually only half of it. She decided she was done with HUGE quilts, so she divided it up into 2 quilts and they turned out gorgeous!

Linda was a quilting machine... she finished quilting this one and about 5 other things when she was there. She got ALOT done, along with Tiffany who was also on a roll!
Sue finished this one and worked on about 4 others as much as she could. She was on a roll too!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Got the results from our trip to Idyllwild with Dr. Bernina..... I have "Cabin Fever"!!! Sleep deprived also...I had the most amazing trip with these 8 girls! This was just Tiffany's car that was packed to the brim. We had another truck that was mounded with stuff also. 8 women in 1 cabin for 4 days. AWESOME TIME!!
These are just Tiffany's things that she got done while there... I'll post more pictures later after a nap.
This is the room where we all set up our stuff. 8 Bernina's were sewing almost 24 hrs. straight. Mine got a 2 hr nap the first night, 4 hrs the 2 nights. The couch is calling my name, then I have to unpack and finish up some projects that I worked on while gone.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dr. Bernina...

Well, I am on my way to Idyllwild for a 4 day quilt re-retreat with an awesome group of girls. As one of the girls says...Errr.. it's an appt. with Dr. Bernina...There, a picture now... wasn't working for a minute..
Happy Veteran's Day to all who served

Monday, November 8, 2010

old quilts..

The quilt above was made by Mark's Grandma (on his Mom's side). There are 2 of them. They are like duvet covers, they had old, old rotten blankets on the inside. Pulled those suckers out before they even made it into the house.
This quilt was made by Mark's other Grandma (Dad's side). They are both made by machine. The red one is out of heavy , really heavy material with a heavy bright blue sheet on the back. Yuck! It has never been washed. They are oooldd. I have been with Mark 30 years, come this 2011 and they had been gone long before that. His Dad gave it to us when we went to visit a couple of years ago. The one I want is a wedding ring quilt that she made but he is not giving that one up yet. Maybe someday! He is like 95 years old! He still hopes to use it one day he says!